The Main Advantages of A Corporate Climate Survey

A corporate climate survey can help both managers and employees in multiple ways. This type of survey determines several aspects related to employees and their opinion about the company they work for and how they feel there.

A corporate climate survey includes several choice items and may concern various areas such as innovation, results, communication, decisions, leadership, functional expertise and more.

Such a survey can be created from scratch, but templates can also be used and customized as you want. It’s an easy process, consisting from 3 steps due to the user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.

Moreover, it facilitates development and change. The organization will know what decisions to make and what areas are the most important to focus upon.  At the same time, this type of survey informs the company about its less appropriate actions and decisions. It also measures the impact that specific decisions and procedures had on employees or certain departments.

Before sending a corporate climate survey, make sure you will revise it carefully. Don’t forget to conduct a pre-test to ensure that data collection is performing well. Data confidentiality should also be considered as it increase response rates and ensure that all results will be accurate.

With the help of a high-quality web form builder, a corporate climate survey can be published on social media pages, blogs and also on your website. Data collecting and managing is simplified due to multiple their party app integrations. All you have to do is to decide which is the right one for your business.

There is also the possibility to add your logo, tagline and other elements to fully customize this survey. You can also create sub-users and sub-accounts with different permission levels that can be sent to all departments.

Corporate climate surveys are one of the most convenient, fast and accurate ways to gather important information from employees about what should be done to increase their motivation, satisfaction and performance. Reports come in the shape of pie or charts. These graphical displays provide the messages faster and more accurate than words would do.

Due to this survey, communication within a company is improved, while questions about compensation will have the right answers. Therefore, you’ll know if your compensation formula is effective and according to employees’ qualifications and aptitudes.

When creating such a survey, you can use radio buttons, text areas, Likert scales, make some fields mandatory or optional, use custom CSS, page break or rules to ensure that response rate will be increased and accurate.

As you can see, there are multiple options, so you can create and customize your corporate climate survey the way you want quickly and easily. Just think very well about the questions you will include and be sure you know what you want to find out through this survey.

Have you ever used a corporate climate survey? If you did, feel free to share with us your experience! We’d love to hear your opinion!

How A Product Evaluation Form Can Help Businesses Grow

Before launching a new product, the best thing is to test it. Sounds too complicated? Not if you use web forms such as a product evaluation form.

To simplify your work and your team’s activities, a product evaluation form is a smart idea. And there are many reasons why. First of all, it’s super easy to create and customize this type of web form. It takes just a few minutes and 3 steps to build it. You can easily customize it by using various themes, add your company logo, link directing to your website, various “thank you” messages and more.

Plus, a product evaluation form can be embedded on your website, blog or Facebook or Twitter pages for a faster and wider audience reach. In a very competitive business climate, it’s important to be one of the first ones that tests his product before officially launching it. So, start with a template or start right from scratch.

Using a product evaluation web form for your small business is a very practical way of knowing in advance what improvements need to made and what to change, or if the product is successful or not. Plus, it’s a great technique to prevent money loss and time.

Using a product evaluation form, you will know right from the start which is the best way to go and what strategy to implement. If you have no coding skills, it doesn’t mean that you can’t create web forms. You can use a web form builder that requires no such knowledge and that allows you to customize the online form how you want it.

Such web forms provide excellent insight into how a company operates. However, before creating and sending this type of web form, there are some things to consider. First of all, you need to know very well what you want to accomplish by using it.

You also have to know very well what are the best ways and sources to collect information, which is your target audience and the kind of information needed. Don’t forget to decide if the product evaluation form will have a follow-up or not.

Will the web form allow the respondent to suggest improvements or future topics? Will the web form be used for market research? Does it include terms of service? Does it mention what will happen with respondents’ personal data? This is very important as people are reluctant to giving their personal data. Keep in mind that you can always make some tweaks that can have great effects on your web form.

Such a type of web form will help business owners understand the strong and down points of their product. The product evaluation form should be very well thought and not some kind of version of  “Yes, I like it so much!”. On the contrary, it should be a thorough discussion about what the product is, how it can be used , what it was designed for and how well it works.

You can use dropdown menus, radio buttons, as well as text areas, depending on the type of questions and on what you want to find out. Before creating and customizing this type of web form, think about it from a potential submitter’s point of view. Learn more about best practices for complex web forms!

Thus, it should be short and comprehensive. And if it needs to be longer, use page break, rules and inform the user what page he is on and what’s the next step. This is a great way to make the filling out process easier.

As new products are available on a continuous basis, it’s difficult to be a step ahead of your competitors. The good news is that a product evaluation form can simplify this process, automating the workflow and helping you make wise and timely decisions based on realistic facts.

Take the pulse of your medical practice with patient satisfaction survey

A healthy and satisfied patient is the best recommendation for your clinic. Even though your main goal is that of keeping them healthy, several other things have to be dealt with in order to ensure patients get the care they deserve. One of these several things is customer service. And a starting point for leveraging it is the patient satisfaction survey. A study published by Harvard Business Review showed that organizations that send feedback surveys to their customers are more successful than those that don’t. So, let’s look at the most important things when building a patient satisfaction survey in order to make it as relevant as possible.

Cover the essential
Though you might be tempted to ask about all sorts of details that you consider important, try to focus on the bigger picture and the most important aspects in medical practice:

- quality of the service – is the patient satisfied with the medical care?
- accessibility – is it easy to make an appointment?
- social matters – are the physicians & staff considerate and devoted?

Mind the questions
Think twice when choosing and wording your questions. Think up brief and easy to understand ones. Since questions can be sort of intimidating, formulate them as considerate as possible. Make your patients feel that whatever their opinion, it is really important to provide it. Questions that start with “Do you think”, “Do you feel that”, “In your opinion” get the sense that you’re really listening.

Also try to avoid as much as possible leading questions like “Do you think that our incredible reception offers the best info in the most timely manner?”. They can influence your respondents into an answer that is not genuine.

Use coherent scales
Because your survey’s main goal is to gather patient satisfaction feedback, then inserting scale fields is kind of mandatory. There are all sorts of practices for using scales inside a survey. Nevertheless the most used and reliable scale is the five point scale that ranges from “excellent” to “poor”. In order to gather relevant results and compare them try to use a consistent scale – not a seven-point scale on some questions and a five point scale on others.

Also, make sure you choose the proper scale degree – degree of satisfaction or quality. You could easily be tempted to insert degrees of importance, agreement or probability, but all these are appropriate for other types of surveys.

Don’t forget about the demographics
In order to make the most of your survey results make sure you also collect your patients’ demographic data. That way you can outline certain patient categories and their expectations. At this point survey logic could come in as a handy feature in order to redirect certain groups of patients to different types of questions and shorten the fill in process.

Also consider making your patient satisfaction survey as reachable as possible by placing it close to your audience – make it mobile friendly and social friendly.
Once you have all this data at hand, take action and work on the key items that can make a difference for your patients and improve your medical practice.

An IT Service Request Form That Will Save You Time

We live in the age of distractions, filled with computers and all sorts of devices. Everyone has a piece of technology, the 3 year old that is a digital native has a device, you probably have three, your mum probably owns a couple and even your grandparents tinker with them. And they’re everywhere, your phone, your tv, your computer, your watch, your dog’s collar, your picture frames, everywhere! Now the issue is that sometimes they break, ok, maybe “sometimes” is an understatement, they break all the time. And the thing is they’re devices, they don’t heal, they need to be repaired. Imagine at this point everyone in the family calling your company and asking to come and fix their problems, you’d spend half a day on the phone just scribbling down who needs your help.

These are a few ways using a form might help you:

It Saves You Time

Why not use an IT service request form that will save you a ton of time and allow your small business to thrive. First of all you wouldn’t have to waste time writing everything down. Using a form will allow the user to input the information himself. After which details will be safely and carefully organized in a table that will allow you to see everything you need to know about an issue. The form allows people to fill in their name, contact details, the nature of their issue and even the type device they are having a problem with.

Furthermore, the form can include radio buttons that will notify recipients depending on the nature of the problem. Whether it’s something to do with hardware, software, network, computers, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and even drones. To further help you save time and be more efficient with your business, the form allows you to set multiple recipients so that only specialists receive that notification. So if a user says he has an problem with his computer’s hardware, you could set a rule to notify only the person in charge of that department. This would save time in delegating tasks and would allow employees to be more independent.

Providing information through a form has a fail safety too. Given that information is provided through email, all the data needed is stored online and available on the computer or on your smartphone device at any time. This guarantees that you don’t lose customer information which could lead to unpleasant situations and a possible negative review of your company.

It Is 100% Customizable

One of the best aspects of having a contact form for collecting information is that you can design it precisely to your liking. You can change your web form theme so that it’s tailored to your type of business. You can even have a white label form, allowing you to fully brand your 123ContactForm account and provide extra services for your customers.

It Allows Feedback

Another extremely useful perk of using web forms to organize aspects of your business is that it allows to do follow ups with your clients. After helping one of your customers you can send them a customer feedback form, giving them an opportunity to rate your service and allowing you to improve every corner of your business.

What other aspects of your business might be improved by using a form?

Event Registration Forms For The Winter Season

Winter is a magical time when numerous outdoor and indoor events take place, even if temperatures decrease. If you also plan to create an event, you may want to know in advance how many people will participate in.

As the events industry becomes more and more competitive, looking for innovative ways to grow the number of participants and prestige of the event during this season is a must. So, you’ll have to make a difference during this busy winter season. And one of the best ways to do that is by using an event registration form. Through such a form, any event organizer has the possibility to collect valuable information about his potential attendees and thus, discover more about them.

Why should you use an event registration form?

The event registration form can be embedded on a website, Facebook or Twitter page and blog, which can increase the chances for reaching a much wider audience. This type of online form can be easily tailored to match a website and can be submitted to your database in just a few minutes. Plus, it’s great that you can spend more time on promoting your events and not on creating online forms.

The main elements included in an event registration form are the following: title, brief event description, logo, a Google map, participant’s name and contact data, questions, comments or suggestions, as well as register button.


Creating and customizing an event registration form – two simple and quick processes

Creating and customizing an event registration form may seem a complicated process, but it’s not. With a high-quality web form builder you can create an event registration online form in minutes as it requires no coding skills. Customization is also very simple.

When you start creating an online form for an event registration, don’t forget to add slogans, calls-to-action and other elements that describe your business and the event that will take place. Domain aliasing can also be added and by choosing a white label option with various customized themes, you can brand any online event registration form as you wish.

Database generation is a very useful feature for any type of event. The list can be imported into a CRM, which is great for building a relationship with your participants in the future. Setting autoresponders is also possible. It helps you inquire attending confirmation and so, it prevents many problems. Tracks of entries and reports in real-time are also available, which is an ideal feature for sales reports.

If you’re organizing a corporate or a more complex event, make sure you use a multi-language event registration web form. In addition, you can start from scratch or use a template and customize it step by step. Integrating your online event registration forms with Google Docs or other apps enables you to have better control over the event and eventually, more success than your competitors.

Some extra advantages

By using an online event registration form, you can sell more tickets, increase the number of participants and your popularity. Aside from the above mentioned advantages, an event registration form for the winter season can offer much more. For example, it improves productivity in such a busy period of time, lowers your costs and helps you offer a better experience to all participants.

Lastly, using no paper is great for the environment. Event organizers can also be part of this process by choosing to use online event registration forms instead of paper forms. If you think that your potential registrants are reluctant to registering online, you’re wrong. Today, more and more people consider themselves being “tech savvy” and are more comfortable with online transactions, so there should be no problem.

As you have just seen, you and any other event organizer have many possibilities to adapt a web event registration form to your needs and goals. If you have used this type of forms before, tell us about your experience!

How to Recruit Volunteers Like a Boss

Volunteers are angels, helping organizations out of the kindness of their own heart. They believe in the organization wholeheartedly, they work for it without asking to go home and above all, they do it all for free. This makes volunteers an essential part of any nonprofit’s life, but regardless of how freely they offer their help, they need to be recruited and managed with care.

What do we need volunteers for , what channels do you use, what information do they need to submit, what happens after the program is completed? These are all questions you need to ask yourself when deciding to recruit volunteers.

So let’s start by answering the first question.

What do we need volunteers for?  

Making a clear plan before looking for volunteers is essential for not wasting time and having a job well done. Think about what do you want from your volunteers, what experience should they have, is there a good volunteer management program in place and how will you go about finding them.

What channels to use?

Anything from your own website, to your blog and your social media account. The most efficient thing to do is create a volunteer recruitment form and post it on a dedicated page on your site or on Facebook. On social media it could be easily shared, increasing the chances for it to reach a wider audience.

One great perk about recruiting through a form is that you can customize it to your liking. You can change colours, number and type of fields, brand it with your organization’s logo and you can even embed a video to make it more attractive.

It is essential that before people start filling out the form, you clearly outline and describe volunteer roles. This could be done either in the form or in a section above the form. When describing roles you should include: title, objective, broad outline of tasks, location and work hours, dressing standards (if appropriate), necessary personal qualities, etc.

This is important for you and for the people applying because you do not want underqualified people and volunteers should know specifically what they’re getting into.

What information to submit?

This depends on your project and what do you need from your volunteers. But the recruitment form offers you endless possibilities for asking anything you think is relevant. You can ask them to provide contact details, talk about previous volunteering experience, or even upload a resume.

The elegant part about using a volunteer recruitment form is that all information provided is stored one place. By integrating your form with Google Docs or other customer relationship management applications, you can easily visualise volunteer applications and decide who will join your team.

What happens after?

After the volunteering program is finished, it’s time to make plans for the next event that requires volunteers. You currently have their contact details so send them a feedback form because feedback is the cornerstone of improvement. This will help you improve volunteer experience on every level, which in turn will help your organization by motivating them to do a better job.

How do you recruit volunteers? Would you use forms or other methods? Let us know what you think is the best approach to volunteer recruitment.

How To Design Smart Order Forms For Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday is here! And Cyber Monday is just around the corner! Right now retailers start the race to get to their customers’ wallets and increase sales. There are many customers, prospective customers and so many things to do that retailers get tired and extremely busy these days.

The good news? Retailers can easily create order forms for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. People are averse to filling them, but by creating smart web forms, things can change. What does “smart” mean? It means web forms that are not long, complicated and difficult to be filled in.They can be order forms, contact forms, feedback forms and other types as well.

Sales forms can be used to increase engagement and conversion rates. They are available 24 hours per day and 7 days a week. Visitor behavior is crucial when we discuss about sales and web forms. Users usually move the mouse where they look. But if a form is not well built, visitors usually click randomly. Soon, they will give up, leave the website and thus, a customer is lost.

What a retailer should do?

He should know more about his target audience. Only this way he can decide how to create and customize his order forms. There are a few basic principles that should be considered: asking only what is needed, simplifying the form and asking concise and easy questions.

Details also have a huge impact such as calls to action and value propositions. Then, customized content used on order forms increases engagement and eventually, sales. In addition, saved accounts will make shopping easier and more pleasant. Displaying clearly the steps from one input to the next one and including validations is very helpful, too.

Providing multiple payment gateways on the same sales form at once would make customers happier. You can do that through a web form builder that integrates this feature for easier shopping experiences. Trust can be built by integrating the terms of service into the order form.

Order form Black Friday

Web forms for ecommerce can feature various fonts and colors. And even though picking some fonts and colors seems a simple task, it’s not always like that. The hues selected for online forms should blend beautifully into the website color scheme. Moreover, fonts should be easily understood by anyone. Thus, choosing fancy fonts just for the sake of art or for being different, it’s not a good idea.

Testing order forms before Black Friday and Cyber Monday is definitely a must. If not, these days could turn into chaos. Monitoring conversion rates for sales forms when they have left-aligned or right-aligned labels to see if there are some changes is very important as well.

Long term planning is a great thing to do. To attract more customers in the future, retailers should create appealing newsletter subscription forms with enticing calls to action related to other deals. This way, potential customers will be up to date with all the offers displayed on a website. It’s a strategy that enables any business owner to increase sales even after Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Well designed order forms simplify any shopping experience and should not become a wall between what a customer wants and a business.

Have you used customized order forms for these events? Drop us a line and tell us about your experience!

Improve your survey taking experience

Once you consider setting up an online survey, be it for marketing needs, feedback or overall client satisfaction, just launching it in the world wide web isn’t enough. You should make sure your response rates will be satisfying. Nevertheless, you can’t put your finger on the actual response rate you’ll get but you can strive to offer the best experience possible in order to increase that percentage. So let’s get down to several practical advice on how to improve survey taking experience.

Set the right frame

If you want to start on the right track with your survey, then don’t miss out sharing right from the takeoff the purpose of the research and how your participants’ contribution will be used. As long as your respondents are aware of the fact that they can make a difference they’ll more often than not give you a helping hand by answering your survey. Also, consider outlining the actions you’ll be taking as a result of the survey. It is always good choice to let them know how long the survey will take to complete. Make sure to keep it as short and relevant as possible – your response rates are at stake. Before everything, check out on usability and responsiveness. In your survey easy to access from desktop to mobile? Before everything, optimize everything.

Mind the questions

Remember the saying “Garbage in, Garbage out”? Poorly worded questions will lead to inaccurate conclusions. Make your questions easy to understand without having to reread them. Use simple, everyday language from the respondent’s perspective. Also consider ordering the questions in a logical way. Start with screening questions, move through the general questions then wrap things up with the demographics questions to help you with profiling. Keep “short” in mind and don’t stretch out to more than 20 questions if possible. Most participants are willing to spend on average up to ten minutes completing a survey.

Make it interactive

Too many questions can be overwhelming and not relevant for your participants. Avoid that by adding field rules on your survey through which you can shorten the amount of time spent to complete the survey. How’s that?  By showing  only relevant questions based on previous answers. To further enhance the experience, you can allow respondents to see survey reports and get the overall image of how others have answered. Always map your survey track for your respondents. They always want to know where they are and how much of the survey they’ve completed and how many steps there still are. Do that by showing a progress bar.

Choose the proper “dress up”

First impression does count. And when it comes to surveys, first impression can be held responsible for taking the next actions or not. The survey’s visual structure is as much important as its content. Pay extra attention to details like the layout, fonts and colors in order to create a natural flow for the eye tracking. You can always regard to add design elements from your own business – corporate colors, logo etc. – in order to create a more reassuring context for your respondents.

Get the timing right

A perfect survey from top to bottom won’t deliver you the worthy data you expect if you’re not sending it when it is liable to stir up most open rates. Even though recent statistic show the highest open rates take place on Monday, Friday and Sunday, you can’t count on an universal recipe to follow when choosing the sending time. It all depends on your audience working schedule. For example, if you are a sales driven business, avoid sending out your survey at month end when your prospects are trying to close business. If you’re interested in reaching teachers, then school holidays aren’t an inspired interval for interaction.

All things considered, creating a survey isn’t just about some company wanting to find out more about its customers. It’s an experience that needs proper design from start to finish. It has to be relevant for both sides. It has to be engaging and it has to offer that extra value for clients and business altogether.

RSVP Forms – Determine More Guests To Say “Yes, I’ll Attend”

Those special events in our life, whether they are weddings, baby showers or bachelorette parties, all involve proper planning, which usually takes time. To simplify everything, guests can be invited online through RSVP forms. This type of forms can be easily customized for any event and  they instinct the guests to respond easier and faster. By using a high-quality web form builder, there is no need to have coding skills to be able to create RSVP forms.

These forms can take the shape of wedding and baby shower invitations, email invitations, email confirmation, payment page, follow-up thank you email, election reunion invitations, party lists , well-wishes sending and more. Additionally, the RSVPs can be customized and branded using free form themes.These online forms allow anyone to count the target audience that will participate in the event and to start planning quickly. And there can be used multiple RSVPs for several events at once, which is great.

RSVP Forms – Ideal For A Wide Diversity of Events

Through web form builders, there is 24/7 access to reports and to real-time data. RSVPs can feature custom questions, pictures, graphics and styles. There can also be added special questions for guests to answer to find out what their preferences are regarding meal, tickets, music and anything else.

RSVP form

Web form builders provide reliable security and a database to keep records of those who will attend a particular event. Moreover, there is the possibility to track a few particular selections such as wedding guests’ mealtime. Autoresponders can also be sent, showing that a particular RSVP form was safely delivered. For more complex online forms, field rules can be added and if needed, one or several payment processors such as PayPal,, Stripe and others can also be set. The new type of forms can be embedded into a website, too.

There is no need to waste time and money on mail anymore. Moreover, checklists are history. In just a few minutes, anyone can create and customize beautiful RSVP forms for a wide variety of events and send them in the blink of an eye. These online forms are configurable and extremely easy to set up. Fields such as Email, Name and Message can be created fast, but if necessary, other fields can be added.

RSVPs Can Entice More Guests To Participate In An Event

A RSVP form with funny images or questions can actually entice more people to participate in an event. This type of form is available as a template, but it can also be created from scratch and customized to meet the requirements that someone has set. Therefore, people stay more organized, save time, money and a headache. Any RSVP form can be created from the comfort of your home quickly and easily, designed to exact specifications and sent in minutes. From now on, planning won’t take time even if someone sends an invitation to many people at once.

Have you used RSVP forms until now? Drop us a line about your experience!

A Friendly Advice For Optimizing Your Form’s Conversion Rate

online conversionIf you start searching the internet for the topic of optimizing your form’s conversion rates you will find thousands of blog posts and articles. And this is extraordinary and living proof that we live in the “information age”.

Our advice, from the team of a web form builder, is this: take every piece of information with a pinch of salt. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust what others write, because we’ve learned a lot from them too, it’s just that presented information is not universally applicable. There is a multitude of factors to take into consideration, such as business niche, campaign type, form type and many more of what makes you unique as an entity. Our advice for web form users is read and test.


The first step you should take is read, read and read some more. Given that there are a lot of articles on this subject on the internet, you should read until you find the most relevant one to your business. You have to keep in mind that what they’re writing about might have worked for them, but that doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Read well ranked blogs and articles from people that are good at what they do so you know what you read isn’t a waste of your time. It cannot be stressed enough how important reading is when working on optimizing your form’s conversion rate. Only by reading you will get the full picture of what you are trying the achieve and what should be the first steps in that direction. Which takes us to our next phase.


Now the questions is how to can you be sure that what you’ve read on other websites is applicable to you? Simply by testing.

After reading what part of your website needs to be changed in order to have a higher form conversion rate, it’s time to develop hypotheses. Of course, hypotheses should not be based on gut feelings, there should be a clear reason behind a chosen action.

The easiest way to test changes made to your forms is through an A/B method coupled with a form analytics tool such as ClickTale. A/B testing is as easy as it sounds. A is your website before any changes are made. B is the modified website (be that a submission button, more or less forms, introducing microcopy). Now all you have to do is test them against each other and see which one works better. As a general advice, test each form for at least a week, preferably two, to ensure validity. This is because online behaviour can vary depending on the day of the week. The best thing about A/B testing is that it become A/B/C/D/etc. testing, meaning that you can test multiple hypotheses which can lead to a better form conversion rate.

Now, it’s time to start reading! We suggest you read the words of someone who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to contact forms.