Optimize your booking forms for conversion

What makes a travel agency successful? How they tailor their holiday packages? The balanced prices? Their self-promo strategy? Maybe all of these but in the end it comes down to bookings. You may have the most wonderful holiday offers at a fair price but if the booking process isn’t a hassle-free one, clients will “migrate” before you could do anything to change that. So let’s roll up our sleeves and see how to optimize the booking process by using an user friendly online booking form that converts visitors into tourists.

First thing, you should make your booking form match your site. Besides the fact that it suggests trust, a clean and good looking form also increases the fill out rate. Think of form branding as  a business card for your company so customize it all the way – from logo, to colors and fonts.

Secondly, strive to always keep your booking form to the point and relevant for your potential customers. You can apply this with field rules and show fields based on their answers. That way you’ll shape a personalized form filling process, keeping away irrelevant questions.

In order to avoid unpleasant situations when the reservations outnumber the available seats or rooms or travel packages, you can always limit the total number of submissions a form can have.

Also make your form ready to collect money. You can enable multiple payment processors just to make sure you give all the needed freedom to your clients.

Finally, when all data is submitted and customer info is on its way to your database there’s one more thing you should do: craft a friendly confirmation message on the thank you page or set an autoresponder to reach their emails with your personalized content.

Simple and effective, right? So, get going and equip your booking forms to convert visitors into tourists.

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