Grown Your Community With The Conference Registration Form

Conferences have been a growing trend over the past years for over a dozen industries. Not only do doctors or architects gather to present and discuss the latest developments in their respective fields, but so do marketers and members of nonprofit organizations.

The best part about conferences is that they bring value to the community and to everyone involved in the event – speaker or attendee. Speakers have a chance to promote themselves and share their professional experience, helping others in their endeavours. Attendees have a chance to learn from some of the industry’s most famous people. The community has a lot to gain because attendees learn from the speakers and then grown their business, offering more jobs and through CSR.

Starting organizing a conference is a challenge for anyone trying to do so, but regardless of what type of event you are organizing, you will need an online form builder to take care of probably the most important part of your conference – registrations. Use a standard conference registration form or simply build your own.

With such a form you can find out everything you need to know about your attendees. From basic contact details to their occupation – student or company employee. This is important because you can discover your audience and see how your conference evolves in time. Apart from that, you can monitor the company’s evolution over the course of a year and see if they have evolved – thus being born opportunities for networking.

Using such a form comes with a wide variety of advantages. First of all, submissions are organized into a table which can be easily viewed and segmented depending on your preference. Furthermore, you can set the limit for the number of submissions so you won’t sell more seats than the total capacity of the venue.

The form is 100% customizable, therefore it can be embedded into your online platform and made to blend with the rest of your website and your brand. After a submission is made, the person can be redirected to a thank you page, either suggesting that he accesses another link or presenting him with a video from last year’s edition, making him more inclined to become a long time customer.

All of this and more can be done with the conference registration form. Because this kind of form is the type that you would use at the beginning of a journey, but there are more to help you along the way. All of them are well worth a try!

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