Workshop Evaluation Form – The Ideal Tool for Great Events

A workshop evaluation form is the starting point for organizing professional and engaging events for participants. At the first glance, this form seems less important, but is actually a huge step for improving your next workshops.

There are many aspects that make a workshop successful or less successful such as if participants learned something new, sharpened a particular skill, if the facilitator demonstrated comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter and more. If it seems too difficult to evaluate all these aspects, a workshop evaluation form will definitely help.

The form can be created from scratch or you can use a template that can be customized as you want it. You can use radio buttons, Likert scales, text areas, checkboxes, use a background image and many others, depending on what you need. For example, by including Likert scales into your workshop evaluation form, you can discover how the participants in the event perceived several aspects of it. Likert scales can measure various degrees of importance, satisfaction, disappointment or quality.

Asking participants if they would recommend the workshop to others is also an extremely important detail. A workshop evaluation form is an easy to create, customize and use tool that lets you know more about those who attend the events you organize. From now on, you won’t have to ask yourself on and on what went wrong.

Additionally, such an online form can reach a wide audience as it can be embedded on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and of course, Wix websites. To make it effective, think very well about the purpose and then about what questions you will include. Keep in mind to remain precise and clear about what you want to find out and how you will use that information.

How the form will be designed is also important, aside from questions. Ask yourself how long it will be or if you have a designer that can make the form more eye pleasing. Is the workshop evaluation form too long? Do you need to use page breaks? And, very important: how will you use the results after?

Feedback is critical for adapting workshops to participants’ needs and requirements. Many companies are sometimes anxious about how people react to their efforts. Work evaluation forms provide immediate feedback and shows business partners and participants that those who organized the event are willing to value their input and thus, improve similar events that will take place in the future.

Have you used a workshop evaluation form until now? Was it helpful? Share with us your thoughts, we’d love to know more!

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