Engage Your Audience With Contest Entry Form

So, you’ve decided to organize a contest in order to activate a bit your audience. Good for you! Though you might think it’s a child’s play to set it going, there are some things you should consider first. In the end, you want the contest to bring you traffic and some relevant customer data. Here’s what to look at.

Create a simple yet creative contest mechanism

It’s easy to digress from having a simple and easy to understand contest mechanism. You’d think that the more challenging it is to solve the puzzle and enter the contest, the better. Not quite. While people like to be involved, you have to make their way to the prize simple and fun. Try to leave aside the multiple steps mechanism – first like our Facebook page, then share, comment, then write an essay on the meaning of life… That’s overwhelming! Instead, think of an original idea to which your audience can easily resonate to and share along.

Setup an user-friendly contest entry form

While organizing your contest you don’t want to miss out gathering customer data. Make sure of that by setting up a contest entry form. It’s easy to set it going. You can use a template or customize it to your needs without any coding. The 123ContactForm user-friendly editor makes it all a child’s play by simply dragging and dropping the needed fields into your contest form, in real-time. In order to keep posted on form submissions you can easily set up custom email notifications.

Spread the word

Ok, after you shaped the contest mechanism and made it easy for your audience to participate, now it’s time to promote it. Share it on social, on your blog, on contest directories. Consider using Facebook Ads to expand your reach. Make sure to use catchy and short invitations to enter the contest.

All things considered, organizing a contest for your company it’s always beneficial – as long as it has the right timing, a relevant and catchy concept, easy registration and proper promotion.

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