Consumer Demographic Survey – An Essential Tool for Businesses

Demographics are essential for building a customer profile, especially in a changing market. They are statistical characteristics related to human population such as age, gender, income and are used by marketing departments to discover more about consumers and their needs.

That’s why a consumer demographic survey is very important. It’s a very useful and easy to use tool for finding out the uniqueness of particular markets and consumers. In other words, a consumer demographic survey can tell a lot about how and why people buy.

Such a survey reveals many details about the attitude that people from a certain area  have about shopping and particular products or companies. What people believe about these aspects is can affect businesses on a short, but also on a long term.

This survey is useful when someone starts a business in a new place and on a different market, but also throughout time, in different business stages to see how things have changed and how they can impact a company or a new product launch.

The consumer demographic survey can be easily created with an online survey builder by starting from scratch or by using a template that is then customized. Due to this survey, marketers can create customer profiles and build their marketing campaigns based on respondents’ input.

It’s the starting point for determining who a potential customer is and to locate the areas where most potential consumers live. Online consumer demographic surveys are excellent due to the fact that it’s very easy to collect and manage data from respondents. The results can be seen in the database on the Submissions section, receive submissions by email or check reports and charts in the Reports section.

When building such a survey, dropwdown lists, Likert scales, radio buttons and text areas can be used to make filling it out a breeze. To reach a wider audience, you can integrate the survey into your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter), on blog and website.

Online surveys created with 123ContactForm web form builder provide accurate insight on several aspects related to consumers that otherwise would be just subjective. If until now, companies were trying to sell their products and services through mass marketing, today they are doing target marketing.

Thus, instead of trying to reach most people via media such as radio, TV and newspapers, they are getting only to those who are more likely to buy their products and services. And of course, a consumer demographic survey is the ideal tool for this purpose. Applying such survey is extremely beneficial for many companies as lifestyles have changed a lot lately.

Have you used a consumer demographic survey? Was it helpful? Drop us a line and tell us your experience!

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