Improve user experience with a cancellation survey

Having loads of visitors coming to your website is great. But most probably you want them to do something other than just browsing around. Maybe subscribe to your newsletter, take advantage of that great deal, request a quote or… you name it. In order to achieve that, you polished up everything – starting with the tone of voice up to the website navigation flow but still, the inevitable happens: the user cancels. Keep calm and run a cancellation survey. Here are the main reasons why you should:

Find out about customers’ past experiences with your products

A cancellation survey should resemble as a visit to your doctor. Aside from finding a treatment for the current symptoms, you should also dig in the past and see what could have led to the present symptoms. Having your visitor’s answers on that can highlight areas that maybe you’ve been ignoring. On the other hand, you could also find out about things that you’re doing good in order to further enhance them.

Spot the main reason for cancelling

Even though you might think that everything is ok with your website and products, visitors could have a different opinion. They have specific needs and you are not a mind reader, so the best approach is to ask them just that – what was the main reason for canceling the service? The answers to this question will highlight possible issues for different stages on the acquisition process – product features, price, customer service, delivery options etc.

Gather suggestions for further improvements

Once you have your visitors in the filling out mode, take advantage of that and  inquire them to share their ideas. Be it about product development or service improvement, any insight is valuable because it comes from direct experience – which means it’s objective and relevant for your business. Moreover, the simple asking for suggestions will build up your customer relationship by showing that you care and take into account their opinion.

Before setting up your cancellation survey make sure you  personalize it to fit your overall business image.  Also consider making it mobile friendly since you want to ease the feedback gathering process and get the needed data on the go.

With that at hand, go and take full advantage of your visitors input. And remember, any cancellation can be turned into a fresh lead with the proper follow-up. Good luck!

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