How To Optimize Your Forms For Better Branding

In today’s dynamic competition and fragile economy, branding is crucial. Branding is a complex process, involving multiple aspects: strategic thinking, hard work, a lot of time and details that can definitely make the difference.brand Online forms are also an important element that can add value to your business.

The way they are customized enhances a brand’s uniqueness and increases brand awareness. Online forms can become extremely effective brand ambassadors by integrating a company’s logo, slogan, unique selling proposition (USP) and its specific colors.

By integrating all these elements, users get to know more about a brand, keep it in their mind for much longer and they also become more engaged. Obviously, all these should be tested previously in order to get the best results. For example, form fields, headings, social media and call-to-action buttons can be personalized based on the type of visitors, type of business and purpose.

Testing multiple layouts, colors and positions, as well as wording is a must have. A/B testing and multivariate testing are excellent ways to discover which design element  influences conversion rates. Testing constantly brings more sign-ups and of course, helps create better branding. Tailoring online forms to match the website, emails, blogs is also a great technique to improve the overall brand identity. Look-and-feel elements make forms user-friendly and increase response rates.

Creating the forms in the same language as the website or blog and matching the form color scheme to websites and blogs are also part of creating a strong brand. Additionally, respondents are more likely to fill an online form if it has the company name on it. A customized thank you page or sending the respondents back to the website reinforces brand identity and positive reputation.

Customizing  themes to match the subject matter of an online form, as well as the online form URL create long-term remembrance. To sum up, there are endless possibilities to make any online form more personal, user-intuitive and create reliable brands that lead to financial advantages.

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