Forms For Travel Agents To Streamline Their Work

The travel industry has always been fascinating for those who are not directly involved in it, meaning for tourists that can enjoy their trips without any sorrow. That doesn’t mean, however, travel agents can’t enjoy the field they work in. Nevertheless, they will have less time to sip a cocktail in the Bahamas or to visit the Acropolis in Athens, since they have to also take care of the tourism management part.

Luckily travel agents and agencies can select tools and apps within the market, that can help them in taking care of the various business tasks. A versatile tool for travel agents is an online form builder that lets you easily build great PHP forms. Instead of having a bucket full of apps that each handle contact options, email marketing, trip feedback and other important parts, why not use a single tool that offers all the above and more?

Plan_your_trip form

Top forms for travel agents

When it comes to managing trips and customers, there are plenty of forms that can help with information requests, feedback gathering, customer contact. Here is a list of the most useful ways to use forms for travel agents:

  • The contact form is one of the first interaction points between your website and your customers. Make it available to them, so that they can get in touch for whatever they want to ask or to tell you.

  • The request more information form is useful for listing trip options or available services with help of drop down menus, checkboxes or radio buttons. Customers can use these features to select the trip(s) and the service(s) they are interested in, so that they can learn more about them from you.

  • A brochure request form is dedicated to all those wishing to request a brochure with trip offers, which you will then either send online or via postal mail.

  • Dietary preferences forms are useful when you need to make meal arrangements for leisure trips, business trips or special occasion trips. Find out what preferences and restrictions your customers have when it comes to food, so that you can communicate this to your partners.

  • If you also organize cruises, then a cruise information form can be a right tool for you. Declutter your offer, so that tourists can only view what they look for: your cruises.

  • A kind of form that is very popular among tourists is the plan your trip form, because it adds a personal touch to the customers’ experience. It can be basically like the request more information form, however some tourists might prefer this personal diary style.

  • Because you are a service provider, the get a trip quote form can help in offering tailored offers to your customers, especially when you offer them a special trip, based on their own requests.

  • The travel agency agreement form is there to handle the legal part of the agreement between you and your customer. A digital signature field and a terms of service field are great features for this kind of form.

  • For trips abroad to countries that require your customers to have a VISA, use the VISA application form to let them fill in their data, so that you can help in the application process.

  • A service booking form or a rent a car form can help you with scheduling your customers for different rentals, like cars, spa appointments, sports classes and any other type of appointment. A Google calendar integration is extremely useful for scheduling appointments from a web form straight to your calendar.

  • After your visitors return from their trips, you might want to get feedback from them, so that you can improve your services. Hence, a trip evaluation form, a trip review form, a post-trip feedback form and a travel agent feedback form can let you catch a glimpse into your customers’ experience with your services, showing you how satisfied they were.

To take your task management to the next level, you can benefit of the leads you get through your forms, by importing them to your CRM or email marketing systems. Form builders offer a wide range of third party applications to connect your forms to. Once you have the leads in your database, you can engage them by sending trip offers and special deals for customers.

Moreover, web forms allow you to also collect payments through popular payment processors. This way you manage to offer your customers a quick, easy and secure payment option.

Being a travel agent is not simple. Dissatisfied customers, reservation hassle and keeping up to date with all partners are a lot to handle. Good thing web forms can take some of the tasks off your list.

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