Top 4 reasons to implement forms in church management

Handling daily tasks as a church leader implies lots of duties and responsibilities. Managing time and available resources in the most efficient way is no easy job. That is why if you are in this position you can always benefit from the aid of online tools to help you streamline these tasks and give you the time to focus on people and important decisions for your ministry.

Using a form and survey builder can be an accessible solution to turn a versatile tool into a customized alternative to solve a significant part from your tasks. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should consider a form builder for your church:

1. You can handle donations in a simple and secure manner.

Fundraising is one of the major factors which can change the development of a successful church. Having a secure online donation form will reassure your supporters and offer them a viable solution to help the church. You can enable recurrent donations for those who wish to ease the giving act and prove long-term commitment. If your ministry is multicultural and you have parishioners from across the borders, you can even translate your donation form and enable a multilingual donation form.

All these, with no worries about security issues, with the SSL encryption enabled, all your data are safely kept.

2. You can be a better event organizer and save a ton of time.

For sure there are many kind of events that need your attention. From weekly worship groups, weekend activities to big conferences, they all require you attention. Well, with an event registration form, you can manage the signup for all these and more. In this way you will own a complete database with your attendants information and collect fees when needed. Even more, you can request post event feedback in an easy, automated manner by adding one of the mailing system integrations to store the attendants’ emails . Your registration form can adapt to the specific of each event and act as a bridge between you and the attendees while taking off a load of work from your shoulders.

Church group evaluation

3. You can recruit volunteers for all your projects and activities.

At some point you will need people from your community to volunteer to help you in certain activities or projects. Human power is one ofthe most valuable resource you can get. To make sure you have it, you can make a volunteer recruitment form and post it on your website, on social networks or sent it via email. In this way you can build a solid database with people willing to help. So when in need, you can reach them with ease. If you have an active presence on social media, you can add the Twitter integration on your volunteer recruitment form and share with your followers the good news of new people registering to help out. It is a simple channel to reach to your community, enhance your communication efficiency and get more help when you need it.

4. You can delegate tasks while having full control over the outcome

Considering that with a form builder you can do all the above, you can assign some of these responsibilities to those available to help. And you should not worry about privacy issues or that you will get tangled in all those forms. The reason for this is that you can add subusers to your account and manage their permissions. In this way you will decide for each subuser of your account what can they see, edit or use. A few clicks and your job is ready.

All these reasons should convince you that with the help of a form builder you can streamline your daily tasks and strengthen the relationship with your community.

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