Forms For Photographers: Manage Your Photography Business With The Ease Of Taking Photos (Part I)

Photography is a wonderful field to work in. Being surrounded by the beauty of people you shoot portraits of, breathtaking landscapes you catch with your camera, and sparkling events you have the chance to capture, makes each one of your workdays thrilling. This artistic part of a photographer’s job, though, is accompanied by a more analytical part: the one of running your photography business. And that is where web forms can help you enhance your management tasks.

Web forms can help your photography business in more than one way. From booking a shoot, to requiring more information or signing an agreement, a form can spare you a few steps in your working routine. Not to mention, it simplifies your work process, making it faster and easier.

Top 6 forms for photographers

While you can create any type of web form you need, some form types are more common in the photography business. Here’s a top 6 of them.

1. The photography shoot booking form

Clients who want to reach out to a photographer and book a photo shoot with them can do so very easily through a photography shoot booking form. The form can be placed on the photographer’s website or blog, right next to their portfolio. It can also be embedded in the Facebook page, where your photos have a strong visual impact. Moreover, the form link can be shared on all your social media channels, if you for example run a promotion and want to invite people to sign up for a special photo shoot. Should you use emails to communicate your special offers or to invite customers to fill out the photo shoot booking form, its link can be seamlessly included in the email body.

When handling bookings, it’s essential to keep good track of them, so that you don’t risk overlapping clients. Thus, a form with a Google calendar integration can play the role of your assistant and manage your booking schedule.

2. The wedding photography booking form

Give your grooms and brides a stress-free way to book your excellent services through a wedding photography booking form. You’ll spare some good minutes of discussing things without a written base, and you’ll have a clearly overview on the services the bride and groom want to acquire.

A form like this offers you the chance to include various questions that help you get a good idea of the wedding setup. For photographers, it’s important to know things like the church where the ceremony will take place, the venue where participants will celebrate the newlyweds, the bride’s dress style, the color theme of the wedding, the participants number, special photography requests and others.

Having all this information will allow photographers to prepare thoroughly for the coming event, meaning they’ll know if they need some extra hands of help, the best photo gear to bring with and other details like this. If you need to ask your customers a lot of questions in order to be fully informed on the wedding, you can look for a form builder that offers a multi-page feature for forms.

Stay tuned and look out for the next 4 types of most popular forms for photographers.


Image courtesy of : Liz Grogan Photography 

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