Leverage the power of social media through forms

Social media is one of the hot topics that everyone uses. To reach a high audience and extend the power of your brand image, your business needs to have an online presence. Marketers adapt their strategies and include social networks, online advertising, campaigns on blogs and many more. And research shows that these businesses have the greatest success and a better relationship with their clients.

Since online forms are just another tool to communicate with your stakeholders, it is only natural to think the forms have a social dimension. There are dedicated form and survey builders that have thought about this perspective and try to harvest the benefits of social media integrations.

The most valuable part of such an approach is the versatility of the publishing option. Through it you can share your form instantly on any channel. From your own blog through embedding options, to social networks with dedicated integrations or to emails and online messages through direct links.

But there’s more to this killer duo, an online form builder with social media integrations can grant you more control over the sharing options.

Place sharing buttons to allow your visitors to disseminate the form. This is highly recommended if you use surveys, quizzes or other types of forms to gather extensive data. It will increase your reach and help you collect more information.

With a Twitter integration you can generate automatic tweets each time someone fills your forms. Create appealing messages and let the world know that others have engaged with you. It will build your credibility and gain you new leads.

Moreover, with a Facebook integration you could have dedicated web form tabs on your page menu to encourage your visitors to interact with you. You can seize this opportunity to publish a special offer through a Facebook order form. Also, you can use this to boost event registration. You can publish forms on dedicated event pages under the “Get Tickets” section and collect post-event impressions through a Facebook feedback form. Think of this social network as a way to reach towards your community of online supporters. It is friendly, easy and efficient. Use forms for Facebook as an beneficial addition to your communication efforts.

Registration Form Facebook

But if you want to ease your work and manage all network interactions through a single tool, you you have to try Hootsuite. A complete platform at your fingertips that allows simultaneous control over several social networks. You can schedule messages and promote your form, track reactions and answer to interactions real-time. This is a great way to organize yourself better while supercharging your marketing campaign effects.

So think off all these and give your forms the social assets it needs to improve your communication.

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