How to Increase Company Retention Rates With the Employee Benefits Survey (Part II)

While in the Part I of this article we discussed about what employee benefits surveys are and why they are a valuable tool for businesses, the second part will offer a few tips on how to best use employee benefits surveys in order to achieve good results.

Employee Benefits Survey

How to use an employee benefits survey

Depending on the company type, its culture and its specific needs, internal research such as employee benefits surveys can take many shapes. Though, there are a several tips that work in many cases:

  • Use the survey headline to explain your staff why this research is important to you and make them once again feel valued.

  • Likert scales are very useful in surveys, as they allow respondents to rate what you include in the question (for example, to express how satisfied they are with their physical workplace).

  • Checkboxes and radio buttons are also good for making multiple or single choices when asked about a certain aspect (for example, you can ask employees which current benefits they value most, using checkboxes, or which of them is the most important to them, using radio buttons).

  • If your survey is broad, you can use a multi-page feature to not visually overload the screen of your employee.

  • Brand your survey as much as you need in order to align it with your company’s visual identity.

  • As each company has its own communication channels, choose the most appropriate for you to share the survey with the employees – be it on your company website or through your internal company email.

  • If you want submissions to be sent, for example, to the general manager who’s having the overview, but also to the team managers so they are informed too, you can use custom email notifications and insert the email address of each person involved.

  • Assuming your company has offices in more than one country, you can still design a single employee benefit survey and look for a form builder that offers the multilingual feature, so that respondents from all offices will understand everything.

  • Should there be more than one person managing the research, several form builders offer the possibility of creating subusers who can access the account and manage the forms.

  • You don’t have to worry about your company security in terms of confidential information from the survey, because an online employee benefits survey can keep your data safe through SSL encryption, password protection and others.

The bottom line is that employee benefits surveys are a precious tool for getting an overview of your staff’s satisfaction towards what the company offers them. They have several advantages like increasing employee loyalty and retention, and offer a lot of features that allow their usage at full potential.

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