10 Types Of Forms For Teachers To Improve Their Activity

The mission of a teacher is of great importance and high responsibilities. Educational tools have been built with the purpose of helping them throughout their daily routine. But what they really need is a swiss army knife, a single tool for multiple educational purposes. And a form builder is an educator’s  solution to untangle the abundance of daily tasks.

Firstly, an educator can use forms to enhance the learning environment for students through new activities and personalized learning. And secondly, all management related activities can be streamlined to gain time and a better organization of resources.

The most popular education forms used are:

  1. Quizzes
    With all the new apps that emerge, it is important to bring technology inside your class. This will help students learn in a fun, interactive way while adapting to modern technology. Filling online quizzes can be less pressuring than a classical evaluation. Plus, you have automatic grading which can ease your work.

  1. Feedback forms
    Knowing how students perceive your lessons and teaching style can help you adapt and improve. Online teacher feedback forms can be used to gather information from both students, follow colleagues or even from parents or school administration. Learning to see yourself objectively through the eyes of others will bring out the best of your teaching style.

  1. Parental consent forms
    Many activities and projects depend on parent’s approval. Using parental consent forms will help you get their acceptance vote securely and fast. You can disseminate them through email or social networks to reach them as quickly as possible. Moreover, you can enable a digital signature on your form to authenticate the approval.

  1. Grade book
    If you like pop quizzes, hand out projects and request homeworks, you might want to keep tabs of all those grades. If you need to see the average of your students’ performance, you need a tool to handle all those marks. Using a form as a grade book allows you to record all your notes, grades and generates relevant reports to evaluate both your students and your class as a whole.

Online grade book form

  1. Online surveys
    Using online surveys provides a facile alternative to research all kind of subjects. You can use them to find out trends inside your school, to documentat a paper or find student’s opinion about their school.

  1. Course evaluation
    If you a teaching a new class for the first time or you have started a new subject, you might want to learn how it was received. With a course evaluation form you can gain insight and let students express themselves anonymously to have more truthful opinions.

  1. Order forms
    If you want to earn something extra from your work as a teacher you should start thinking to sell your books or lesson plans. Embedding an order form on your blog or website will give you a chance to gain some money without tremendous efforts.

  1. Donation forms
    Sometimes funds from your school are not enough to conduct all your resources and projects. So if you have a great idea, an event or an active website, place a simple online donation form to fund all your extracurricular activities for your students.

  1. Online polls
    The easiest way to vote for a field trip, a new project, student of the moth or any other creative voting sessions is through an online poll. A tool which might come in handy in many situations.

  1. Enrollment form
    If you decide to offer some optional trainings or activities an enrollment form is a must. Think acting classes, dance, school plays, everything can start with an appealing enrollment form.

That’s the beauty of using a versatile tool, it allows you to adapt and harvest all the benefits from using it.

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