Three ways to use quizzes outside the education area

Quizzes have always been one of the most valued assessment methods. With an important role in education, they’ve become quite popular even as an entertainment tool. You’ve most probably filled at least one personality quiz for fun or for a more serious reason like when applying for a job. All these are just reasons to consider online quizzes as an important asset even outside the education area.

So when it comes to these instances of usage, you can leverage the use of such a tool if you are a small business, a blogger, a nonprofit organization or even a consultant. Quizzes are fun and easy to fill and they might just give you valuable insight regarding your audience. But make sure you don’t mistake quizzes for surveys. Online surveys are used mainly to gather data and oversee the general perception of your public.

For small businesses

The core role in this field is to use quizzes to know your employee better and let them know your company. You can apply them in the recruitment process, additional to the employment application form, it will help your applicants to ease up and you to know them better. Moreover, it can also be a great way to interact with your current employees and raise awareness about your company culture. Create a quiz about your company history, set the right answers and receive the percentage of correct answers directly on your email. You can reward them with small gifts like mugs, pens and other incentives.

For bloggers

Quizzes can be a great way to engage with your audience and break the routine of a blog. It can be an additional method to engage your audience and gain new followers. Knowing how to use a online quiz maker will allow you  create custom quizzes with images, videos and compelling visuals to attract answers. And you can later publish new articles with the quiz reports to showcase the results in an engaging manner.

For nonprofit organizations

Since your donors want to know more about you and interact with your organization it is  a great idea to interact with them in as many as possible ways. Quizzes are a nice add-on and can bring a fresh approach for your organization blog or webpage. In addition, you can use quizzes as teasers for your cause. Ask general questions related to your cause and grab your visitors’ attention while gaining valuable data on how aware they are about actual situation. Add logical branching to customize their experience and learn relevant information about each particular respondent.

Besides all these particular uses, quizzes can be published on many platforms and shared with your audience on multiple channels, depending on your publishing options. So although quizzes remain among of the most popular education form types, they can have other purposes and help you enhance your communication methods.

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