Key Usage Cases For Online Polls: Industries and Benefits

Nowadays, the concept of “poll” shouldn’t be new to anybody. Moreover, as we evolved towards the online medium, online polls are highly used in a large variety of situations, industries and for miscellaneous purposes.

There’s a good reason for which online polls are widely used. The key benefit is that they provide a way of quickly and easily gathering feedback towards a given issue. With the help of a poll, its owner can sense the trending option and make a result-based decision on their course of action.

The basic ingredients of every poll are:

a. an issue/question/proposal
b. a number of options to choose from (with a minimum of 2 options)
c. an audience which represents the poll respondents
d. a tool to create a free online poll
e. a channel where to publish or share the poll in order to gather as many votes as possible
f. an advanced reports section where you can see a summary of all poll submissions, so that you can immediately spot the preferred option(s) among your respondents.


What can you use a poll for?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to poll use cases. It is up to you to decide what you want to know, whom you want to ask and if a poll can help you do that easier. Either if you want to see which product is most popular out of the product range your company released last year, or if you need to know what feature to develop for your next mobile app, if you want to find out where to organize the next team building and what to do for it, or if you simply try to organize a field trip in your group and want to settle the destination, a poll is the A-list tool for all of these.

So which are the main industries/areas where an online poll can help you? Even if the use cases are not limited to these, they would be:

1. Small business use. A poll can help your small business drive consumer-based decisions on launching, developing and improving products, services, brand identity, consumer service, marketing strategies and others. Ask your customers how they’d like your next laptop cooler to be designed, which feature should be the most accentuated, where it should be available for sale, how they’d like to communicate to you about it or how you can make your laptop cooler brand stand out more.

2. Education. Polls in educational contexts can fulfill various roles, for example, vote for next field trip’s destination, decide on the due date of the final class quiz, run quick verifications during classes or at the end of a lecture unit, rate teachers, educators and particular courses.

3. Politics. Running polls in politics is common not only during specific campaigns, but also on a recurrent base to gather feedback towards current topics. A poll can reveal the preferences for one candidate or another in an election campaign, it can show how different political readers are perceived by the audience or offer quick results on how to proceed in a given political issue.

4. Local communities. In every community it’s necessary to have democratic decisions. No matter if we’re talking about building a new playground for kids, resolving the issue with the homeless people or renovating the town square, community members need to have a direct way to express their vote.

5. Event organization. When it comes to planning an event, a poll can help you decide upon the best location for your event, the most desired speakers and the favoured topics to cover, with the help of your event attendees.

6. Non-profit. Polls can also help you if you’re involved in the non-profit area. Elect the most active volunteer of the year, run quick questions on what initiative would be most suited for promoting a certain cause or decide how to handle a burning issue in regards to one of the cases you support.

7. Polls for personal use. As we are social beings, we always like to know what our friends are up to or to organize something in common with them. Use your social media accounts or a dedicated platform to share polls with your friends, asking them where they would like to go out in the weekend, what trip you should take together, which movie you should rent, what gadget should be the next on your list and many others.

As you see, the industries and applications for polls are very broad. Besides the above listed ones, you can of course create and use polls for other purposes too. Just use a free online form builder to help you build the polls as you like.

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