Forms and surveys to ease nonprofit workflow

Having the tools to properly manage your day to day tasks is efficient in both saving time and resources. For a nonprofit dealing with donations, events and projects on a regular basis it is important to get some help to clear the clutter. So why try to find a dedicated tool for each task when you can use a web form builder  to do them all?

The most valuable asset that such a tool has is it’s adaptability. So that you can use the same user friendly interface to easily create the type of form you need. So what kind of forms will ease your work?

Online donation form

Since the progress on your nonprofit depends on the success of your fundraising campaigns, we would say that having a good online donation form template to build on is essential. You can ease your work by adding multiple payment processors on the same form so you don’t restrict donations in any way. Besides, you can even enable recurring payments so you transform a one time donor into a regular donor. Also, to make sure you keep these donors close, make sure you enable a custom thank you message as an autoresponder.

Volunteer recruitment

Volunteers are indispensable for a nonprofit. Thus having a proper selection to gather the most suitable people around your organisation is desirable. You can build a volunteer recruitment form with an upload button to receive resumes, you can add custom email notification if you have multiple positions opened to redirect the submissions to the right person responsible. Likewise, you can easily turn it into a job application form  if you require. This new form can include a more complex set of questions, connected through logical branching so that the form itself wouldn’t look that long.

Event registration

From charity galas or conferences to small parties, all of them need a handy registration tool. Using an event registration form will automatically get you a database with attendees, which can be used with several 3rd party apps. For instance you can import contacts in a CRM to have new leads in future campaigns or gather feedback about the event. Moreover, you have multiple publishing options like your website, your Facebook page, Blogger or WordPress blog or any other platform.


Knowing what the community cares about when creating a new project or what your supporter feel about your cause might change the future of your organization. And here online surveys  play an important role. Having reports  of raw data to use, answers many of your question. Don’t forget to include open questions with a text area field where they can fill out their thoughts and comments. Also, if you deal with more than one country, make sure you use a multilingual form to address each audience in its native language.


Make sure you use secure online forms  by choosing a builder providing SSL encryption to protect sensitive data and never put your stakeholders at risk. For simpler forms you can always use a smart CAPTCHA or even a digital signature  field to authenticate the submission.

At the end, remember you can adapt the forms as you go and they will respond to any immediate need you might have. Just make sure you choose the right form builder.

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