Create education quizzes in three easy steps

Creating a quiz has never been easier. With an online form generator you can do it in three easy steps. Go paperless and use an app that will save you time and money. It is a solution that lets you to customize each quiz with colors, images and specific fields. A web form generator allows to edit freely without having to write a single code line and adapt your forms to any specific educational situation.

When creating education quizzes, the first step would be to define its purpose and decide what kind of field will you place in your quiz. Keep in mind that to ease your work you can start your online quiz with a free form template that already has some fields with questions that can be edited. If you would like to build it yourself start a new one from scratch and simply add with drag and drop the field you need. You can add single or multiple choice fields and set the exact number of correct choices. Add images to make an education quiz more attractive, in addition it can be a great solution for your students which have a visual memory so you can use it even for a trivia quiz or a learning quiz.

After inserting all the wanted fields, work on customizing your quiz. You can choose any color combo, text font and size from the form themes. Your form settings allow you to add anything you need. Change the theme, add filters so that only some students can fill it, set autoresponders to encourage their effort or allow to receive file uploads through your quiz.

You can create appraisal forms or add a grading system to your quiz that will generate the percentage of correct answers. It’s not complicated at all, you just need to simply select the right answer for each question and at the end add the calculation option.

You can share the created forms to any social platform, integrate it to your Facebook page or embed it on your website. If you have a blog that your students use, a group on a social network, a website or any other communication channel, you can simply send the link to your education form and everyone can fill it with no effort at all.

Adapt the form to your own needs, build it so that it will gather all the information you need. It’s a good solution to create: appraisal forms, student quizzes, educator forms, learning quizzes, trivia quizzes, feedback forms, admission forms, donation forms and many others.

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