Free Online Form Builder

With a free online form builder, you can create any type of web form or survey in little time and with no coding skills. Normally, it takes at least 3 or 4 programming languages to build a functional form: HTML to build the form structure, CSS to style the form, PHP to get user input and JavaScript to add some interaction. A web form builder does all the coding for you. Let’s see how to do this in three easy steps!

In the first phase, you can choose a free form templatecontact form, order form, registration form, online survey or more niched ones, like the website visitor survey or the sales lead form – or you can start to build your online form from scratch. After you’ve decided what type of form you want to create, you’ll drag & drop form fields and customize them, so that the form contains everything and nothing more than you want it to. The free web form builder has a real-time form editor that allows you to view all changes instantly and make any necessary tweaks.

When you’ve finished building the form structure, move on to the second stage: customize the settings for your web form. The online form builder allows you to change everything from the form theme to the recipients of form submissions. Form submissions can be received by more people and can be filtered by content and sent only to certain recipients, with custom notification emails. The online form builder allows you to manage form submissions in many other ways. You cant export them to CSV files, send submissions to Google Docs spreadsheets or integrate them with third party applications: MailChimp integration and SalesForce integration are among the most popular ones. The free form builder also grants access to payment integration, advanced security features, to form branching and translations.

After you’ve customized form settings, the online form builder takes you to the third and final step: Publish your form. You can publish your online forms and surveys on your own website or send the link to them via email, messenger or Twitter. Besides these options, you can easily publish forms on Facebook pages, on Blogger or WordPress blogs or on Google Sites.

And that’s it! With a free online form builder you can create smashing forms which help build a smashing website!

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