Most Popular Free Online Form Templates

Online forms give purpose to websites and web platforms. Although it’s not obvious at a first thought, most of the websites that you access would be different – less attractive or even inexistent – without web forms. Let’s go through a collection of the five most popular online form templates.

Subscription and sign up forms. Sign up forms allow users to create accounts on platforms. Subscription forms can be single opt-in online forms or double opt-in online forms. With a single opt-in online form, once a user fills out the subscription online form, they are automatically added to your mailing lists. With a double opt-in online form, users must give their confirmation a second time to be added to your list.

Contact form. Providing contact data on the contact page of a website is being replaced more and more often with contact forms. This is probably the most common online form template and, at the same time, it may be the most exciting one. Since many websites use online contact forms, it is a challenge to build a contact form that stands out. With a professional online form builder, you can create contact forms that really do stand out (in terms of structure, design, feature richness, security) as easy as 1-2-3.

Order form. This online form template encourages and facilitates purchases. In an online order form, you can list the products and/or services that you offer and customers simply need to choose what they want to buy, to provide their contact information and to make the purchase by sending the order form. You can either receive orders through your order form and take care of the payment afterwards, using other means, or build an order form with payment integration, like a PayPal order form, and accept payments through your online order form.

Event registration form. Online event registration forms help you manage any type of event easier. This is probably the most fun online form template. The event registration form template can be changed to reflect the theme of the event or the identity of the organizer. It can give a brief description of the event, pinpoint the venue in a Google Map, ask guests what their favorite type of music is and so on. With an event registration form template, you’ll receive the guest list with very little effort and very little stress.

Online survey. Another very popular online form template is the online survey template. Using choice fields – like radio buttons fields, dropdown lists, checkboxes – and Likert scales, you can find out easily what users’ opinions are on a specific topic. This is the perfect way to gather feedback on whatever is of interest to you or to raise the popularity of the organization that you represent.

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