How to Build a Mobile Survey / Mobile Form

Maybe you haven’t given it much thought, but the web nowadays would not exist without online forms. When you create an account on a platform, you fill out a web form. The login data you provide there is sent to a database, from where it is retrieved afterwards. The signup form is the gateway to all future account related activity.

When you contact a company, you fill out their contact form – it helps them get all the data they need (name, email, message subject, message etc.) and it provides you with a better user experience. When you post a comment to a blog post or take any type of online survey, you fill out a web form. And these are just a few examples.

The thing is that, at present, online forms and surveys are the next but last step in the form evolution chain. The focus is now on mobile forms and surveys. Handheld devices are used on such a large scale that any form or survey should be optimized for them. What does this mean? When you access the Internet from your mobile device, don’t you just.. access the Internet?

Yes, you do, but the screen size is a lot smaller and web content is displayed differently. In many of the cases in which the web page hasn’t been optimized for mobile, the page content is unreadable, difficult to understand or even missing. Mobile optimization means creating a separate style sheet that tells page content how to be displayed if it is accessed from a mobile device.

Mobile surveys and forms, whether embedded in a webpage or published on a page of their own, follow the same rules. A professional online form and survey generator offer mobile support. In other words, not only can you create any type of form or survey easily, for free and with no coding skills, but you will also have their mobile versions created instantly.

Create a Mobile Survey

No implication is required from your part to generate these mobile versions. When a user accesses your form or survey from a mobile device, they will see a very clear, readable and well designed page. The width of mobile surveys and forms is adjusted automatically to fit mobile screens. Form fields are set on a 100% width, to take up all the available space and be readable.

To create a mobile survey or a mobile form, simply create a free account with an online form and survey builder. Choose a form or survey template or create a new form / survey from scratch. Drag and drop the form fields that you want, customize them, create or customize a theme and publish your form on any platform (Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, Twitter etc.) or on your own website.

Your form or survey will also be hosted on the form building platform; it will have a unique URL that you can share via email or messenger with anybody. When you finish setting up your mobile form or mobile survey, open and enjoy it on your mobile device.

And let’s wrap it up with three examples of smart mobile survey use: 1. Mobile surveys that get real-time feedback at point of sale or during events. 2. Mobile polls that are fun to take while waiting for the bus and that grow owners’ popularity and the loyalty towards them. 3. Mobile contact forms or mobile order forms that allow customers to stay in touch with form owners and to place orders from wherever.

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