How to Create a Customer Feedback Survey

A smashing form with multiple benefits for business owners is the customer feedback survey. On the one hand, it helps you get your customers’ opinions and adjust your products, services and offer accordingly. On the other hand, the customer feedback survey makes respondents feel that their opinion is important to you and consequently strengthens the company-customer relationship. And, on a third hand, a customer feedback form helps promote your company, since any material referring to it is a means for spreading the word.

Customer feedback surveys can be of many types, like – for instance – the customer satisfaction survey referring to a specific product or service or the technical support satisfaction survey addressing the quality of customer support. In this article, we’ll present briefly these two customer feedback survey templates.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

A customer satisfaction survey helps you find out what the good and the weak points of your products and services are, in order for you to decide what to emphasize in your marketing and advertising campaigns and what needs improvement. You’ll get an accurate picture of how your products and services are perceived and you’ll know how to make your customers even happier.

This customer satisfaction template is highly customizable in terms of structure, layout and appearance. The survey questions refer to customers behavior with respect to the product or service: For how long have they used it, how often do they use it and how satisfied are they with it? What impressed customers most about the product or service and what did they dislike most? How is the product in comparison to similar products? Will customers continue to use and recommend the product?

Customer Satisfaction Survey

The online customer satisfaction questionnaire can be published anywhere it reaches your target audience faster. It can be hosted in the database of your preferred online survey platform and you can send direct links to your customers. The customer feedback survey can be posted on your own company website or on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress or Google Sites.

With professional online survey tools, you can view charts and reports on survey results. Also, you’ll receive each new survey submission by email. And the best part is that you can integrate your customer feedback form with third party applications, like MailChimp and SalesForce. This way, all new contacts will be sent to your mailing list and you’ll be able to use them in marketing campaigns.

Technical Support Satisfaction Survey

Product end users often need assistance in discovering, using and reconditioning the product. Tech support representatives reflect company’s professionalism and interest in helping the customers that justify and make its existence possible. Technical support service affects the overall company image and success. In consequence, a tech support feedback survey is always welcome. And who is in a better position to give feedback on support team’s activity better than customers?

The technical support feedback survey sample presented here asks for information on how the customers contacted the customer support service, how long they waited to speak to a tech support representative, how long it took for the problem to be solved and how they would rate the overall service. Then, using Likert scales, the support feedback survey asks users to rate several statements referring to the customer support person’s behavior: how carefully they listened, how patient or friendly they were and how strong their knowledge of the product was.

Technical Support Satisfaction Survey

Online technical support satisfaction surveys are great tools for getting users’ opinions with respect to the support service they receive. Online tech support feedback surveys are also very easy to build, with no coding skills. Just access a tech support satisfaction survey template, customize it and make it available on your website or webpage or send direct links to it via email or messenger.

With online customer feedback surveys, you can collect information that will enhance the product or service you offer, user experience and company revenue. Start creating your online feedback survey!

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