Build Your Free Online Order Form

Want to sell products and services on the web? You can do that in a jiffy with free online order forms. Order forms software can speed up your sales processes a great deal, due to the complex features available nowadays. You can integrate various payment processors with your online order form, assign specific prices to different products and make advanced calculations to apply taxes and discounts automatically when charging an order.

There are several professional order form tools out there online. We recommend 123ContactForm order form software. In this article, we’ll take a look at a 123ContactForm order form template. Order forms normally request buyers’ identification and contact data, their product choice and desired quantity and their preferred delivery address and date.

The first section of the 123ContactForm order form template requires buyers’ first and last names and their email address. Form fields can be added for requiring other identification and contact data, such as the buyers’ phone numbers. With the integrated form field validation, you will receive only and precisely the information that you are interested in.

Free Order Form

The free order form then asks customers to select the products of their choice. You can also sell one single item through your online order form. When you’ve got more items, you can use radio buttons, checkboxes or dropdown lists in your HTML order form. Customers will select their desired products and then specify the quantity they want to purchase.

The final step buyers need to do to place an order using your free order form is specify a delivery date and a delivery address. To specify the date, they can use a date picker calendar. The address form field has got separate subfields for the street address, the city, the region, the postal/ZIP code and the country.

It is best to make all order form fields required – that is, check the Required box in your HTML order form editor. This way, users will give you the entire information needed to place an order and you will not receive incomplete orders.

Order forms – beyond the scenes

Your customers will only have to fill in the order form fields presented above and place the order by pressing the Purchase button. What goes on beyond the scenes is a bit more captivating. With professional order form software you can add many cool features to your HTML order form, with no coding skills required.

For example, you can sell differently priced items through your free order form. Create a product list and assign prices to each of them. Depending on your customers’ orders, the order form engine will charge specifically the checked items, in buyers’ chosen quantity. If you’re selling a single product through your order form, you will specify a fixed price for it.

Further, you can easily create advanced price calculations for the orders placed through your online order form. This means that, besides multiplying the product price with the ordered quantity, the order form tool will apply the taxes and discounts you tell it to. You can apply taxes and discounts to items individually or to the total amount.

With secure order forms, you can accept payments through the most popular payment processors. Receive payments using PayPal order forms, Google Checkout or Or all three payment processors at the same time. Secure order forms guarantee you that customers are able to make payments quickly and safely. Order forms software allows you to choose your preferred currency, to specify the payment recurrence (if that is the case) and to send custom thank you messages after orders are placed.

You will receive orders by email and you’ll be able to access them in the database of your chose order forms platform. Order information can be exported as CSV/Excel files or sent to Google Docs spreadsheets. What is more, you can send customers’ contact information – at every order form submission – to your VerticalResponse, SalesForce, MailChimp and iContact accounts, to grow the audience of your email marketing campaigns.

With free online order forms, your products will be more accessible than ever, you’ll manage orders better and your business will develop faster!

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